The ‘foodies’ Destination – Ribeye On Vernon

Self-titled ‘foodies’ have been popping up everywhere in today’s general public, sharing with us there knowledge and plastering images of their daily meals all over social media.

So what is a foodie?

For those of you who are not yet caught up with the lingo of today’s society, a foodie is someone who seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

A self-acclaimed ‘foodie’ will often also be associated with the Instagram selfie!

But fear not diners here’s a few ways to identify if you’re out for dinner with a foodie!

  • They’ll most likely exclaim their status as a foodie “I just LOVE eating, I’m such a foodie”
  • They use the term ‘exotic’ or ‘gourmet’ far more than necessary
  • They’ll continually tell you about that one time they made their own béarnaise sauce.
  • They question the wait staff on every item on the menu, only to go with their original choice.
  • They spend forever deciding which wine will go best with their chicken schnitty, oh and they must test it first! Just to give you a play by play on the flavours on their palate.
  • If you don’t post about it on Facebook, did you really even eat it?
  • And let’s not forget the several photos that accompany each meal.
    • Bonus points if they stand on a chair to get the right angle

Ok let’s admit it, we’re all a little bit guilty of at least one of these.

Whether you’re in a restaurant or indulging on street food you’ve got to admit, thinking about food 24/7 is a really hard job and keeping up with the label of “food appreciator” takes some dedication.

Well lucky for you foodies we have the perfect restaurant to meet your Snapchat/ Instagram needs right here in Coffs Harbour! Ribeye on Vernon dishes up selfie worthy dishes, and our wines are already matched to their recommended dishes to save you the hard work!

Ever wonder why the steak at Ribeye on Vernon tastes so delicious, what is it that sets us apart?

Well, apart from our talented chefs that is… our friends Teys Australia provide us with premium graded beef, from real Australian farmers.

We are always being asked about our steaks and where they come from. Well, thanks to Teys we can offer you that very information!

Ribeye On Vernon

Foodies eat your heart out! All the information you could want about your meal is available right here and our staff are more than happy to talk your ear off about it!

Really wow your connoisseur friends with all the information you know about our product, like how it has paddock to plate tracking and the high quality of the product.

An animal welfare certification system is installed between Teys and their farmers. This is to ensure that the animal is provided a high quality life. They are well fed on a controlled diet to ensure consistency and spared any distress throughout their life.

(In fact, this controlled diet even involves a diet of warm oats and barely! They eat better than me!)

With our certified premium steaks it’s the perfect place for you to indulge your inner foodie!