Steak, Mate!

The warm weather in finally starting to break through after what feels like a long icy winter! And with summer quickly approaching I’m sure many of you BBQ lovers are as excited as ever to break out those tongs, pull the BBQ out of retirement and throw on that novelty apron that the kids gave you last father’s day!

The rage of steak enthusiasts has exploded throughout the industry as more and more steak loving blokes invest their time into perfecting their cooking abilities through, classes, seminars and of course the ever educational program masterchef…..

As more attention is drawn to the beef industry the larger the debate grows:

Rare or well-done?

T-Bone or Sirloin?

In order to make your choice even more complicated Meat & Livestock Australia released this image of all the different cuts available!


Meat_Standards_Australia-778x615Still not sure??



For a tender, juicy, delicious hunk of meat without the task of cooking and cleaning bring dad out for a father’s day treat to Ribeye on Vernon. Where we can cook it to your liking!

Otherwise check out our other fantastic father’s days options currently on offer at all three of our clubs!

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