A New Years Mexican Fiesta

Feliz Navidad!…Or Merry Christmas from Mexico!

Just like here in Australia, Christmas in Mexico is usually warm and mild, families excitedly go out and purchase gifts, they prepare a feast to share with their loved ones and decorate their homes for the festive season. But just as you would expect, every culture and every family has it’s own traditions and ways in which they celebrate.

Unlike the typical fairy lights from Kmart we see hanging up around our neighbourhood every year, the houses and streets of Mexico are illuminated with candles and handmade lanterns.

The celebration of las posadas (Christmas) is a nine day practice leading up to Christmas, beginning on the 16th December and finishing on Buena Noche (Christmas Eve). On the ninth day a procession is led by the children through the town and up to the church as a re-enactment of the journey to Bethlehem made by the holy family.


Here a nativity scene is played out, a feast is held and the children are entertained with piñatas before the town gathers for midnight mass. Small celebrations then continue through to February where they come to an end with a “Candlemas” service and traditional feast of tamales and cake.

While we might not have piñatas, copious amounts of candles, or biblical re-enactments, but here at the C.ex Coffs we are bringing in the Ano Nuevo (New Year) with our own version of a Mexican celebration by bringing back our Mexican fiesta and Ribs Buffet! Come and grab a Corona with Lime, and indulge yourself with some delicious nachos, tacos and burritos.

Forget the Piñata, jump in the photo booth and capture some hilarious moments with your loved ones! Throw on a sombrero and grab a photo between meals.

Don’t be a perzoso mexicano (or lazy Mexican), call us now for your post-Christmas celebrations before tables book out!


 So Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo from all of us here at the C.ex!