Fried and Prejudice

Last week we talked about delicious, tantalising, tender steak, well this week we are doing one better! We are putting that steak on …… A BURGER


Move over MickeyD’s, in a world full of hipsters, vegans, and paleo diets the burger game has changed! Now that it’s a sensation in the modern hospitality world, gone are the days of a simple meat patty and cheese slice inside a bread roll!

From basic takeaway shops to alternate underground themed restaurants, businesses are going to extreme lengths to create an item that appeals to those looking for something both basic and/or gourmet. And who can blame them, with people like the creators of “the burger adventure” exploring the world just to find ‘the best burger’, the competion is just as high as peoples expectations.

Clearly it’s something people are passionate about.

Here at the C.ex Coffs we can satisfy those burger cravings! With everything from chicken schnitzel burgers to mini sliders! We’ve even created a special marinated steak burger for dad, just for this weekend in The Brasserie (he gets a free beer too!).



What a better way to spend fathers day??

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