Distracting the Kids at Dinner

It’s Friday night and you’re invited out to dinner with your friends!


your baby sitter tells you she’s busy, the kids will have to come!

And already you can imagine the outcome…..



But fear not mum and dad, there are ways to keep the little monsters busy at the dinner table without giving them iPads or facing the agonizing task of washing mashed potato out of their hair!


The Restaurant Kit

A secret weapon used by brilliant parents to trick their children into giving them peace when out of the house!

Now if you have the time and want to get creative then a material activity book is perfect for you:


otherwise here’s what you need for your kit;

  • A bag or folder
  • pencils and crayons
  • A blank art book for drawing
  • some painted paddle pop sticks
  • stickers
  • a small picture book for reading (depending on age)
  • a small toy such as a doll or car

additional options:

  • a small canvas (can usually be found at any dollar store) painted with blackboard paint, and chalk
  • create An iSpy/ bingo game designed for them to play by spotting things in the restaurant eg. waiter serving food or somebody eating etc
  • colouring in images, find-a-words  and connect the dots templates can all be found online for free, simply print them off and add to your pack!


Don’t forget! KIDS EAT FREE this August in the C.ex Coffs Brasserie

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