C.ex Coffs Reno Rumble!

Our very own C.ex Coffs Reno Rumble has begun! We plan to keep you up to date on all things renovation related including designs, sneak peeks and progress along the way.

Cutler’s Coffee Shop has officially closed and demolition has commenced 😱 🤩

You will notice signage in the club to re-direct you to PLANK, which is our brand-new food outlet offering a range of similar options including your favourite cakes, wraps, burgers, coffee’s and more! PLANK is located on the Vista deck which allows you to soak up this sunny weather, alongside our resident water dragon 🦎 Open 10am until late every day!

The Brasserie will remain open as normal, providing food and beverages for lunch between 11.45am to 2pm and then again for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Thank you again for your patience during this improvement phase, however, stay tuned for more updates as they happen! 👍

Give me 5 for Kids 50km in 5 Days

C.ex Woolgoolga hosted the start of Triple M presenter Moffee’s 50kms in 5 days for the Give me 5 for kids charity. Our C.ex Community Crew and Chocolate Moose helped kick start the walk alongside Moffee and the wheelie bin of donations. All the money raised over the 5 days will be donated to the local children’s ward.

We wish Moffee all the best as he continues his walk from Woolgoolga to Sawtell.

Get Your Golf On @ C.ex Urunga

Looking for something a bit different to wrap up your weekend?

C.ex Urunga has your Sundays sorted with all day social golf!

What better way to spend a Sunday then on the banks of the Kalang River?

Make a day of it with Silly Sunday Raffles from 12pm and bonus raffles at 1pm, try your luck at winning a meat tray, club cash or even EFTPOS cards!

The beers will be flowing, and bar snack are available all day.


Sundays not your thing? That’s ok, we offer Social golf everyday!


From 12.30pm




From 12.30pm


From 2.30pm


From 12.30pm


From 3pm


Joining us after 3pm?

Games are only $10 for twilight golf!

Then grab yourself a six pack of XXXX for only $10 and you’re on your way!


Improve Your Golf Day

Not very confident with your swing? This weekend Sunday January 28 AND Sunday March 18, C.ex Urunga will be holding ‘Improve your golf day’ at its course.

Offering one on one lessons with PGA professionals for only $25 a session.

And a FREE golf clinic for the kids!

Don’t miss out, bookings are essential.

And if you love the game as much as we do, you just won’t want to stay way.

Well you’re in luck!

Golf Membership reverts to pro rata rate in February. That means you’ll pay just $130 for membership until 30 June.

Join us for a beer with the best view in Urunga!

Sundays @ C.ex Coffs

Looking for something to wind up your weekend?

Forget those post holiday blues at C.ex Coffs with a jam packed afternoon full of raffles and live music. Including our FREE raffles at 12pm!

In the month of January, we will be offering live entertainment in our air conditioned vista lounge from 6pm so that you can dance your way into the new week!

Check out the line-up:

7 Jan – Craig Stewart

14 Jan- Rusty & The Reverend

21 Jan- Benny Black


Did we mention the mid-day raffles are FREE?

Raffle winners in the month of January will also have the chance to pick $30 KENO vouchers from the prize pool!

You can treat yourself to a delicious lunch from The Brasserie or Cutlers Coffee Shop, and indulge in our January bar special; Canadian Club & Dry stubbies for only $8.50.

Keep an eye out for our daily dinner specials, released each day in both The Brasserie and Cutlers!

And let’s not forget that cocktails are now available at the bars.

For only $11 for members and $12 for non-members you can now purchase a Midori Splice, Day on the Beach, Blue Hawaii or a Tatachilla Prosecco Cocktail.

Don’t miss out, January will be over before you know it!

Ranch and Ribs Buffet

What better way to welcome in the new year than with a delicious buffet!

The Ranch and Ribs Buffet began in December and has been HUGE! But don’t be alarmed if you missed the New Years rush, there are still a few more days left for you to treat yourself with this gourmet assortment of meats.

Let out your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) with this generous feast of ribs, spicy chicken wings, beef wellington, seafood chowder onion rings and our famous Ribeye on Vernon Bacon Jam!

Oh! And don’t forget the accompaniment of desserts for those of you who have a sweet tooth.


Dig into the premium Black Angus Beef Ribs, and try out our Succulent Sticky Pork Ribs, along with a delightful quality salad selection.

And of course the bar is open and prepped with all your favourites, there’s beer on tap including the popular new mid strength selection, Iron Jack and a variety of bottled beers and spirits! Looking for something refreshing ladies? We are also offering PIMMS jars and Tequila Sunrise’s throughout the night.

Event Details

Ribs and Ranch Buffet

Dates: Wednesday January 3 – Saturday January 6 & Friday January 12 – Saturday January 13

Time: starting from 6pm

Location: C.ex Coffs, Level 1, The Blue Room


Bookings recommended. To reserve a table please call the club on 66523 888

Kids Holidays Sorted @ C.ex Woolgoolga

Christmas is over, and the new year has begun! Do you find yourself running out of ideas to keep your kids busy?

C.ex Woolgoolga has you sorted!

With plenty of activities and a delicious summer menu the kids will love, its your family destination this January!


So what’s on?

Saturday Jan 6 –  Kids Disco

Tuesday Jan 16 –  Junior First Aid Awareness

Saturday Jan 20 –  Kids Disco


And let’s not forget our Summer Kids Menu available for lunch and dinner EVERYDAY for the month of January! For only $7.90 your kids will have a choice of Lasagne, Burger, Spaghetti Bolognese or Nachos all served with chips and a drink*.

*Free drink includes a choice of fruit popper, bottle of water or schooner of post mix.


The Kids Summer Disco

Let your little ones dance their heart out at our Kids Disco this summer. This event will run on Saturday 6 & 20 of January, with ‘The Smileys’ providing plenty of entertainment to keep your little ones busy.

Please note that parents and guardians are required to remain on site while their children are attending The Kids Summer Disco.

Session Time: 5pm until 8pm


The Junior First Aid Awareness

This workshop is completely FREE and will teach your children important life lessons and skills in a fun and educational way. Included in the workshop will be training in basic CPR and how to make emergency calls, as well as educating them on non-entry pool rescue and awareness of dangers in these rescue situations.

Spots in this workshop are limited and filling up fast! Call the club on 6654 1307 to register your child.

Session Time: 3pm

Let’s get techy with it!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like Christmas was just yesterday, and already we are halfway through the year! With 2017 suddenly disappearing it’s time to start planning all of those important or last minute functions! And don’t forget the Christmas party.

But with the workload piling up and the tax man still looming over us, how can we possibly find the time to sort out all those work events?

Even if you’re not an organised person usually, a diary or planner is a MUST when planning your event!

But sometimes there just isn’t enough paper in the world to organise all those little side notes, contacts and scribbled out plans, and if your diary is starting to look more like a kindergarteners scrap book rather than the structure for your day then we have some news for you: It’s time to get techy!

 Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s a  few benefits.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and organise your event with your digital calendar, this allows you to set yourself up reminders and provide a countdown to your event. You can also set up reminders for others involved in your event through your email calender.

Manage your data easier! Create a budget and spending plan quickly and efficiently using your computer or tablet, this will provide you with a visual idea of exactly where your time and resources are going.

Sound complicated? Everything you need right now is already on your phone!

Apps! Apps everywhere!

Depending on the size of your event, the evolution of the app on smart phones lets you do just about everything these days! Go digital, by creating an event app or social page for your event will allow you communicate with your guests. Send your invites, create an attendance list, determine dietary requirements and even vote on entertainment choice quickly and easily without having to chase up everyone in the office individually!

With so much going on this time of year it’s not uncommon to get carried away on time consuming tasks. Using technology and social media applications allows you the ability to sort, share and contribute as you need while multi-tasking your other projects.

But be carefully not to get too carried away on your tech! The whole point of using this organisational tool is so that you have the time to step away for a time and not get bogged down!

Identify your audience

Of course it’s always important to take into account that not all your event participants are going to be techy enough to interact with this new form of event planning. Be careful how digital you go when planning your event, not everybody in the office might be from the digital age.

Your Attendees!

When relying on technology to organise your event, your contact with your attendees can sometimes become impersonal. Make sure to send out reminders if you want to increase your engagement and ensure their attendance at your event!

Keep in contact with your guests through RSVP reminders and promoting any entertainment that may be at your event.

Consider sending ok digital thank you’s to your attendees after the event,


Whether you are planning a Christmas, retirement, birthday party or wedding have some fun with your guests with a hashtag for the event.

The Environment

By going digital with your event planning you’re not only keeping all your info in the one place, you’re helping the environment too! No paper, plastic or ink wastage means you can feel great about being so environmentally friendly as well as hosting a top-notch event! (Don’t forget the money you’ll save!)

Alternatively, let somebody else do it for you! Give the events team at C.ex Coffs a call today and let them take the hard work out of organising your event.

The ‘foodies’ Destination – Ribeye On Vernon

Self-titled ‘foodies’ have been popping up everywhere in today’s general public, sharing with us there knowledge and plastering images of their daily meals all over social media.

So what is a foodie?

For those of you who are not yet caught up with the lingo of today’s society, a foodie is someone who seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

A self-acclaimed ‘foodie’ will often also be associated with the Instagram selfie!

But fear not diners here’s a few ways to identify if you’re out for dinner with a foodie!

  • They’ll most likely exclaim their status as a foodie “I just LOVE eating, I’m such a foodie”
  • They use the term ‘exotic’ or ‘gourmet’ far more than necessary
  • They’ll continually tell you about that one time they made their own béarnaise sauce.
  • They question the wait staff on every item on the menu, only to go with their original choice.
  • They spend forever deciding which wine will go best with their chicken schnitty, oh and they must test it first! Just to give you a play by play on the flavours on their palate.
  • If you don’t post about it on Facebook, did you really even eat it?
  • And let’s not forget the several photos that accompany each meal.
    • Bonus points if they stand on a chair to get the right angle

Ok let’s admit it, we’re all a little bit guilty of at least one of these.

Whether you’re in a restaurant or indulging on street food you’ve got to admit, thinking about food 24/7 is a really hard job and keeping up with the label of “food appreciator” takes some dedication.

Well lucky for you foodies we have the perfect restaurant to meet your Snapchat/ Instagram needs right here in Coffs Harbour! Ribeye on Vernon dishes up selfie worthy dishes, and our wines are already matched to their recommended dishes to save you the hard work!

Ever wonder why the steak at Ribeye on Vernon tastes so delicious, what is it that sets us apart?

Well, apart from our talented chefs that is… our friends Teys Australia provide us with premium graded beef, from real Australian farmers.

We are always being asked about our steaks and where they come from. Well, thanks to Teys we can offer you that very information!

Ribeye On Vernon

Foodies eat your heart out! All the information you could want about your meal is available right here and our staff are more than happy to talk your ear off about it!

Really wow your connoisseur friends with all the information you know about our product, like how it has paddock to plate tracking and the high quality of the product.

An animal welfare certification system is installed between Teys and their farmers. This is to ensure that the animal is provided a high quality life. They are well fed on a controlled diet to ensure consistency and spared any distress throughout their life.

(In fact, this controlled diet even involves a diet of warm oats and barely! They eat better than me!)

With our certified premium steaks it’s the perfect place for you to indulge your inner foodie!

Summer Sessions at C.ex Coffs

Aussies love nothing more in summer than an ice cold beer outside with the BBQ cooking! But in recent years, it appears the good ol’ shrimp on the Barbie simply just doesn’t cut it anymore.

BBQs are going gourmet!

Everything from smoking, sautéing, glazing, marinating and lollipop chickens to briskets and quinoa salads. Our favourite Australian past time has started to get a little bit fancy.

In any Australian pub or club you’ll always find the ever popular beer garden full of life, whether its summer or winter there’s just something these Aussie beer lovers enjoy about drinking outdoors.

But with the Aussie outdoor dining experience beginning to evolve, alternate businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to meet the expectations and trends of this new market. Just one of these trends that is growing in popularity is pop-up bars, these spontaneous productions are appearing all over Sydney and Melbourne and have been a huge success in keeping its locals entertained and providing something fresh and fascinating to the community.

As revealed by Allens lollies recent pop up candy store, these boutiques present businesses with the perfect opportunity to promote limited edition or uncommon stock in an exciting way and make these items even more appealing to the market.

So why should the big cities get all the fun?

Your Saturday night plans are now sorted!

Here at the C.ex Coffs we are having our own pop up beer garden on the gorgeous North Lawn!

With an outdoor bar and kitchen serving your favourite drinks, and some scrumptious dinner options, there’s no need to keep off the lawn here!

Sit back and enjoy our large picnic rugs, relax under the fairy lights and enjoy our live music and delicious gourmet food all prepared just for your entertainment on a beautiful summer evening.

A New Years Mexican Fiesta

Feliz Navidad!…Or Merry Christmas from Mexico!

Just like here in Australia, Christmas in Mexico is usually warm and mild, families excitedly go out and purchase gifts, they prepare a feast to share with their loved ones and decorate their homes for the festive season. But just as you would expect, every culture and every family has it’s own traditions and ways in which they celebrate.

Unlike the typical fairy lights from Kmart we see hanging up around our neighbourhood every year, the houses and streets of Mexico are illuminated with candles and handmade lanterns.

The celebration of las posadas (Christmas) is a nine day practice leading up to Christmas, beginning on the 16th December and finishing on Buena Noche (Christmas Eve). On the ninth day a procession is led by the children through the town and up to the church as a re-enactment of the journey to Bethlehem made by the holy family.


Here a nativity scene is played out, a feast is held and the children are entertained with piñatas before the town gathers for midnight mass. Small celebrations then continue through to February where they come to an end with a “Candlemas” service and traditional feast of tamales and cake.

While we might not have piñatas, copious amounts of candles, or biblical re-enactments, but here at the C.ex Coffs we are bringing in the Ano Nuevo (New Year) with our own version of a Mexican celebration by bringing back our Mexican fiesta and Ribs Buffet! Come and grab a Corona with Lime, and indulge yourself with some delicious nachos, tacos and burritos.

Forget the Piñata, jump in the photo booth and capture some hilarious moments with your loved ones! Throw on a sombrero and grab a photo between meals.

Don’t be a perzoso mexicano (or lazy Mexican), call us now for your post-Christmas celebrations before tables book out!


 So Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo from all of us here at the C.ex!