C.ex McDonald’s Cycle Challenge 2017

C.ex Group is delighted to have partnered with McDonald’s and Coffs City Rotary to deliver the 2017 C.ex McDonald’s Cycle Challenge. The event was a huge success, with 567 riders enjoying a beautiful sunny winter’s day along with a warm community atmosphere on August 6.

Over 400 participants rode in the four main events; 20km, 40km, 60km and 100km and the 10km Family Ride attracted 56 families. Elite riders, riders with disabilities, dynamic young riders along with eager grandparents all rode at their own pace.

The C.ex Community Crew assisted Rotary with registrations on the Saturday and were part of the action on Sunday, with C.ex Group Mascot, Chocolate Moose officially starting the family ride.

The C.ex McDonald’s Cycle Challenge is a great community event, fostering the Coffs community spirit and a healthy lifestyle, whilst donating all proceeds to local and Rotary charities. We look forward to being part of the event for many years to come.

C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out 2017

The fourth C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out was held on Wednesday 28 June 2017 at the C.ex Coffs International Stadium. The annual fundraising event is held during June each year and encourages all community members to register and sleep out for the night, enduring what 105,000 homeless Australians experience on any given night.

The event saw 110 participants from as far as Sydney fundraise in the lead up to the night, before braving the winter cold and 3am rain, sleeping on the stadium field in cardboard boxes.

More information on the C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out, including fundraising totals can be found here.



Let’s get techy with it!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like Christmas was just yesterday, and already we are halfway through the year! With 2017 suddenly disappearing it’s time to start planning all of those important or last minute functions! And don’t forget the Christmas party.

But with the workload piling up and the tax man still looming over us, how can we possibly find the time to sort out all those work events?

Even if you’re not an organised person usually, a diary or planner is a MUST when planning your event!

But sometimes there just isn’t enough paper in the world to organise all those little side notes, contacts and scribbled out plans, and if your diary is starting to look more like a kindergarteners scrap book rather than the structure for your day then we have some news for you: It’s time to get techy!

 Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s a  few benefits.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and organise your event with your digital calendar, this allows you to set yourself up reminders and provide a countdown to your event. You can also set up reminders for others involved in your event through your email calender.

Manage your data easier! Create a budget and spending plan quickly and efficiently using your computer or tablet, this will provide you with a visual idea of exactly where your time and resources are going.

Sound complicated? Everything you need right now is already on your phone!

Apps! Apps everywhere!

Depending on the size of your event, the evolution of the app on smart phones lets you do just about everything these days! Go digital, by creating an event app or social page for your event will allow you communicate with your guests. Send your invites, create an attendance list, determine dietary requirements and even vote on entertainment choice quickly and easily without having to chase up everyone in the office individually!

With so much going on this time of year it’s not uncommon to get carried away on time consuming tasks. Using technology and social media applications allows you the ability to sort, share and contribute as you need while multi-tasking your other projects.

But be carefully not to get too carried away on your tech! The whole point of using this organisational tool is so that you have the time to step away for a time and not get bogged down!

Identify your audience

Of course it’s always important to take into account that not all your event participants are going to be techy enough to interact with this new form of event planning. Be careful how digital you go when planning your event, not everybody in the office might be from the digital age.

Your Attendees!

When relying on technology to organise your event, your contact with your attendees can sometimes become impersonal. Make sure to send out reminders if you want to increase your engagement and ensure their attendance at your event!

Keep in contact with your guests through RSVP reminders and promoting any entertainment that may be at your event.

Consider sending ok digital thank you’s to your attendees after the event,


Whether you are planning a Christmas, retirement, birthday party or wedding have some fun with your guests with a hashtag for the event.

The Environment

By going digital with your event planning you’re not only keeping all your info in the one place, you’re helping the environment too! No paper, plastic or ink wastage means you can feel great about being so environmentally friendly as well as hosting a top-notch event! (Don’t forget the money you’ll save!)

Alternatively, let somebody else do it for you! Give the events team at C.ex Coffs a call today and let them take the hard work out of organising your event.

A Wedding to Remember

An Afternoon Tea Wedding? A Breakfast Reception? A Cocktail Soiree? What do these three ideas inspire you to imagine? A sandwich without crusts affair or an Alice in Wonderland revelry? A Kellogg’s celebration or Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Fried party platters or an evening of sparkle? We certainly conjure up the latter, an event of sparkle and sophistication! It led us in the Events Office to ask; are alternate Wedding Receptions the new trend in Wedding Planning? As more and more brides opt for budget conscious ideas with DIY influences and a vintage feel, we have seen different ideas to cut costs yet still create the Wedding of your dreams. Many of our brides fancy beautiful couture with luxury accessories and often this finds our savvy brides looking to save money in other avenues of their day in order to rock a Vera Wang dress or dance the night away in their Jimmy Choo heels. And why not?! Creating the most magical day of your life can come down to some clever tweaking of traditions, and besides you will avoid those hungry guests waiting at the bar for hours while you take some picture perfect photos.

• Breakfast at Tiffany’s – What better way to make the most of your day than starting at sun rise? Treat your guests to a magical early morning ceremony followed by a champagne brunch. This allows you way more time to spend with your family and friends…while you skip the massive bar tab and your guests the super – sized hang overs. Winning all round.

• Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – There is nothing more charming than an afternoon tea soiree. By mixing classic traditions with contemporary ideas you can create an intimate, exquisite afternoon that no one will forget. This is perfect if you have little humans in tow. Think a classic High Tea menu with tea pot cocktails for a decadent take on a customary Wedding Reception.

• Cocktail Party – everybody loves cocktails and canapés so why not make this part of your reception? Canapé packages are a cost effective way of making sure your guests are well fed. You can blame Baz Lurhman for the injection of Great Gatsby inspired celebrations but what better way to introduce some glitz and glamour to your Wedding Day. You may even save enough on catering to set up a Champagne Tower – the ultimate in sophistication.

The good news? C.ex Coffs is able to help with all three. From scrumptious breakfast menus, to exquisite High Teas and delectable canapé packages, we are able to cater to suit your requirements. What could be more fabulous than having the Wedding of your dreams…with left overs funds for an extended Honeymoon?!

DIY Weddings – Let’s Get Crafty!

DIY is no longer daggy! Yep. That’s right. You can get creative and crafty while saving cash at the same time…which means you can spend more on the dress right?! DIY Weddings have become hugely popular with this trend looking to continue for many more Weddings to come! So get your sharpest scissors and mason jars and get ready because we have three great sites for you to visit below. Let us know your favourite DIY Wedding websites because we would love to visit them too!

Bespoke Bride are the queens of DIY and have a fantastic section devoted to getting crafty. Click here and get your glitter pens ready because Bespoke Bride have compiled a list of 65 free printables! From labels to retro flags and photo booth props to favours! 

If you are looking to DIY without the price tag of expensive scrap booking paper and outrageous beading, then The Knot have a site for you.  This humongous list from cake toppers to wedding assecories is for all the brides on a budget out there, or the couples wanting to add a DIY touch to their wedding day without a debt attached!

If you’re a DIY bride who is looking for great wedding ideas, look no further than the Wedding Window! You will enter a DIY haven with pages and pages of cute DIY projects not only for Weddings but spanning the whole realm of events. If you are overwhelmed with choice make sure you check out 66 Fun and Fabulous DIY Projects, most of which include “how to” instructions and/or design templates already organised in categories for you; from Bridesmaid gifts to centerpieces.

Oh how can we keep it at three and miss out on one of the best – The Wedding Chicks – have a super sweet page dedicated to DIY. We even made the extra cute and quirky C.ex monogram above which we found in the Freebie section!

So get your girls together for a DIY date…and if you need to cut straight perhaps only a few glasses of wine.

Roses are Red…but we made ours yellow!

The Events Office has gone DIY this week. We needed yellow roses for an event however could only get white so we thought why not dye them ourselves? Here is an easy how-to guide below!

  1. Add clean water to a vase or bucket until it is about half full.
  2. Add approximately 20-40 drops of food colouring for every 2 cups (500 ml) of water in the vase. The amount of food colouring to add depends on the hue you’re trying to achieve. For a subtle, subdued colour, add about 20 drops. For deeper, more vibrant colour, add more food colouring. The more food colouring you add the brighter your roses will be!
  3. Collect the flowers with all the stems pointing downward. Cut off the bottom 2 inches (5.08 cm) of all of the stems diagonally using sharp scissors so that the bottom tips of the flower stems will be pointed.
  4. Place the flowers into the vase of coloured water, stems first.
  5. Place the vase full of flowers in a cool place and allow them to sit undisturbed for approximately 24 hours…the longer you leave the flower the more colour they will absorb! During this time, the veins in the flower stems will suck the coloured water from the bottom of the stems all the way to the tips of the flower petals.
  6. Remove the flowers from the coloured water once they reach the desired colour, rinse, cut off the stained ends (so no one guesses your clever trick!) and voila you have a stunning addition to your event!

And if you are super DIY, crafty and creative try splitting the bottom of the stem in half or even in four pieces and placing each slither into a separate jar of coloured water for a tie dye effect!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Is everyone getting excited for the most loved up day of the year? Did you know the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year is 220,000?! We predict we are going to be getting even busier in the Events Office! Whether your Valentine’s Day is an elaborate proposal or casual date, we wish you a very happy day with your loved one. We look forward to seeing you at C.ex Coffs, perhaps for dinner in the Brasserie or after work drinks on our outdoor Vista Deck! Remember men, all women like champagne and roses. Or why not try out our super easy recipe below? You can even peruse our Pinterest for some super sweet ideas and remember you get brownie points for being so thoughtful!

For the best chocolate covered strawberries ever just grab an ice cube tray, spray with a light coat of oil, pop in some small strawberries, cover in melted chocolate and refrigerate! If you have larger strawberries, use a plastic egg holder for a lovely oval shape. Your special someone will love them. If you give them a go share your photos with us on Instagram by using the hashtags: #cexgroup or #itsmyclub.

…oh and Valentine’s Day is this Friday…just in case anyone had forgotten!

Festive Frivolity

Ladies, listen intently now. Statistics show that 33% of wedding proposals happen over Christmas, it isn’t called the silly season for nothing. So surely, if we add the holiday festivities, warmth of summer and relief of holidays, it would equate to over 50% right?! Or perhaps the men of Coffs Harbour have subconsciously tuned into the insidious loop of diamond ads, the pretty little boxes in every storefront window and that oh so cleverly arranged brochure on the kitchen bench…we all do it, do we not?!

This my friends, is “engagement season.” And that is why we have a special event for all you happily and holiday engaged. The C.ex Coffs Wedding Showcase and Expo Day on the 19th January from 10am to 2pm is in the midst of summer, right when statistically a lot more of Coffs Harbour ladies should be showcasing a sparkler. We will not only be showcasing our function rooms to their finest potential, but also bringing together Coffs Harbour’s most exclusive suppliers!

So come and blind us with your megawatt smiles and sparkly new jewels. We will bring the champagne to celebrate.