Let’s get techy with it!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like Christmas was just yesterday, and already we are halfway through the year! With 2017 suddenly disappearing it’s time to start planning all of those important or last minute functions! And don’t forget the Christmas party.

But with the workload piling up and the tax man still looming over us, how can we possibly find the time to sort out all those work events?

Even if you’re not an organised person usually, a diary or planner is a MUST when planning your event!

But sometimes there just isn’t enough paper in the world to organise all those little side notes, contacts and scribbled out plans, and if your diary is starting to look more like a kindergarteners scrap book rather than the structure for your day then we have some news for you: It’s time to get techy!

 Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s a  few benefits.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and organise your event with your digital calendar, this allows you to set yourself up reminders and provide a countdown to your event. You can also set up reminders for others involved in your event through your email calender.

Manage your data easier! Create a budget and spending plan quickly and efficiently using your computer or tablet, this will provide you with a visual idea of exactly where your time and resources are going.

Sound complicated? Everything you need right now is already on your phone!

Apps! Apps everywhere!

Depending on the size of your event, the evolution of the app on smart phones lets you do just about everything these days! Go digital, by creating an event app or social page for your event will allow you communicate with your guests. Send your invites, create an attendance list, determine dietary requirements and even vote on entertainment choice quickly and easily without having to chase up everyone in the office individually!

With so much going on this time of year it’s not uncommon to get carried away on time consuming tasks. Using technology and social media applications allows you the ability to sort, share and contribute as you need while multi-tasking your other projects.

But be carefully not to get too carried away on your tech! The whole point of using this organisational tool is so that you have the time to step away for a time and not get bogged down!

Identify your audience

Of course it’s always important to take into account that not all your event participants are going to be techy enough to interact with this new form of event planning. Be careful how digital you go when planning your event, not everybody in the office might be from the digital age.

Your Attendees!

When relying on technology to organise your event, your contact with your attendees can sometimes become impersonal. Make sure to send out reminders if you want to increase your engagement and ensure their attendance at your event!

Keep in contact with your guests through RSVP reminders and promoting any entertainment that may be at your event.

Consider sending ok digital thank you’s to your attendees after the event,


Whether you are planning a Christmas, retirement, birthday party or wedding have some fun with your guests with a hashtag for the event.

The Environment

By going digital with your event planning you’re not only keeping all your info in the one place, you’re helping the environment too! No paper, plastic or ink wastage means you can feel great about being so environmentally friendly as well as hosting a top-notch event! (Don’t forget the money you’ll save!)

Alternatively, let somebody else do it for you! Give the events team at C.ex Coffs a call today and let them take the hard work out of organising your event.

Hungry for Curry?

spicesin6potsWhat do you think of when you hear the word “curry”?


Butter Chicken?


How about Britain? No? Well you should!


The origin of the term Curry is one that is regularly pondered but not exactly well-known, but wherever it was originally derived from we can agree this popular cuisine has taken the world by storm.

Even now my stomach begins growling at the thought of it!

JL Hungry

Some records of both the use and trading of spices claim to trace back to ancient Indian and Asian civilizations, even Egyptians were believed to have added similar spices to their staple diet to bring flavour to their food. #Genius

As a result of this trade the delicious spices of the Indian world was brought to British soil and was of course adored by the population, whom then evolved and adapted the uses of the spices to create the curry dishes we enjoy today. Now the popularity of this Indian style cuisine rages throughout the country, and of course once it was introduced to Australia we were hooked too! It is now a cuisine regularly found on specials boards and popular menu items at countless restaurants, clubs and pubs.


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