Let’s get techy with it!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like Christmas was just yesterday, and already we are halfway through the year! With 2017 suddenly disappearing it’s time to start planning all of those important or last minute functions! And don’t forget the Christmas party.

But with the workload piling up and the tax man still looming over us, how can we possibly find the time to sort out all those work events?

Even if you’re not an organised person usually, a diary or planner is a MUST when planning your event!

But sometimes there just isn’t enough paper in the world to organise all those little side notes, contacts and scribbled out plans, and if your diary is starting to look more like a kindergarteners scrap book rather than the structure for your day then we have some news for you: It’s time to get techy!

 Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s a  few benefits.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and organise your event with your digital calendar, this allows you to set yourself up reminders and provide a countdown to your event. You can also set up reminders for others involved in your event through your email calender.

Manage your data easier! Create a budget and spending plan quickly and efficiently using your computer or tablet, this will provide you with a visual idea of exactly where your time and resources are going.

Sound complicated? Everything you need right now is already on your phone!

Apps! Apps everywhere!

Depending on the size of your event, the evolution of the app on smart phones lets you do just about everything these days! Go digital, by creating an event app or social page for your event will allow you communicate with your guests. Send your invites, create an attendance list, determine dietary requirements and even vote on entertainment choice quickly and easily without having to chase up everyone in the office individually!

With so much going on this time of year it’s not uncommon to get carried away on time consuming tasks. Using technology and social media applications allows you the ability to sort, share and contribute as you need while multi-tasking your other projects.

But be carefully not to get too carried away on your tech! The whole point of using this organisational tool is so that you have the time to step away for a time and not get bogged down!

Identify your audience

Of course it’s always important to take into account that not all your event participants are going to be techy enough to interact with this new form of event planning. Be careful how digital you go when planning your event, not everybody in the office might be from the digital age.

Your Attendees!

When relying on technology to organise your event, your contact with your attendees can sometimes become impersonal. Make sure to send out reminders if you want to increase your engagement and ensure their attendance at your event!

Keep in contact with your guests through RSVP reminders and promoting any entertainment that may be at your event.

Consider sending ok digital thank you’s to your attendees after the event,


Whether you are planning a Christmas, retirement, birthday party or wedding have some fun with your guests with a hashtag for the event.

The Environment

By going digital with your event planning you’re not only keeping all your info in the one place, you’re helping the environment too! No paper, plastic or ink wastage means you can feel great about being so environmentally friendly as well as hosting a top-notch event! (Don’t forget the money you’ll save!)

Alternatively, let somebody else do it for you! Give the events team at C.ex Coffs a call today and let them take the hard work out of organising your event.

The ‘foodies’ Destination – Ribeye On Vernon

Self-titled ‘foodies’ have been popping up everywhere in today’s general public, sharing with us there knowledge and plastering images of their daily meals all over social media.

So what is a foodie?

For those of you who are not yet caught up with the lingo of today’s society, a foodie is someone who seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

A self-acclaimed ‘foodie’ will often also be associated with the Instagram selfie!

But fear not diners here’s a few ways to identify if you’re out for dinner with a foodie!

  • They’ll most likely exclaim their status as a foodie “I just LOVE eating, I’m such a foodie”
  • They use the term ‘exotic’ or ‘gourmet’ far more than necessary
  • They’ll continually tell you about that one time they made their own béarnaise sauce.
  • They question the wait staff on every item on the menu, only to go with their original choice.
  • They spend forever deciding which wine will go best with their chicken schnitty, oh and they must test it first! Just to give you a play by play on the flavours on their palate.
  • If you don’t post about it on Facebook, did you really even eat it?
  • And let’s not forget the several photos that accompany each meal.
    • Bonus points if they stand on a chair to get the right angle

Ok let’s admit it, we’re all a little bit guilty of at least one of these.

Whether you’re in a restaurant or indulging on street food you’ve got to admit, thinking about food 24/7 is a really hard job and keeping up with the label of “food appreciator” takes some dedication.

Well lucky for you foodies we have the perfect restaurant to meet your Snapchat/ Instagram needs right here in Coffs Harbour! Ribeye on Vernon dishes up selfie worthy dishes, and our wines are already matched to their recommended dishes to save you the hard work!

Ever wonder why the steak at Ribeye on Vernon tastes so delicious, what is it that sets us apart?

Well, apart from our talented chefs that is… our friends Teys Australia provide us with premium graded beef, from real Australian farmers.

We are always being asked about our steaks and where they come from. Well, thanks to Teys we can offer you that very information!

Ribeye On Vernon

Foodies eat your heart out! All the information you could want about your meal is available right here and our staff are more than happy to talk your ear off about it!

Really wow your connoisseur friends with all the information you know about our product, like how it has paddock to plate tracking and the high quality of the product.

An animal welfare certification system is installed between Teys and their farmers. This is to ensure that the animal is provided a high quality life. They are well fed on a controlled diet to ensure consistency and spared any distress throughout their life.

(In fact, this controlled diet even involves a diet of warm oats and barely! They eat better than me!)

With our certified premium steaks it’s the perfect place for you to indulge your inner foodie!

C.ex Dragons

Paddles Up!

Sunday’s weather provided the perfect setting for the Titivators annual Dragon Boat Regatta, with so many teams from communities throughout the region travelling to the area to compete, the atmosphere on the Kalang River was simply electric.

Every year Urunga hosts this exciting event, which draws teams from all over the coast to compete, some of who even race in state competitions!

The C.ex Dragons proudly took part in the day’s activities, with a full boat and 120% determination the team managed to take a 1st and 2nd place throughout the day and finally finished with a 3rd place in the finals. Everyone on the day put in an amazing effort, the competition was fierce and provided our team with a tough challenge.

Thank you to the Titivators for organising such a wonderful event for the community and for donating your hours to provide training, to all those who volunteered their time on the day and to the Urunga community for supporting the event.

Well done to all the teams and great job to those who paddled for the C.ex Dragons!

Summer Sessions at C.ex Coffs

Aussies love nothing more in summer than an ice cold beer outside with the BBQ cooking! But in recent years, it appears the good ol’ shrimp on the Barbie simply just doesn’t cut it anymore.

BBQs are going gourmet!

Everything from smoking, sautéing, glazing, marinating and lollipop chickens to briskets and quinoa salads. Our favourite Australian past time has started to get a little bit fancy.

In any Australian pub or club you’ll always find the ever popular beer garden full of life, whether its summer or winter there’s just something these Aussie beer lovers enjoy about drinking outdoors.

But with the Aussie outdoor dining experience beginning to evolve, alternate businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to meet the expectations and trends of this new market. Just one of these trends that is growing in popularity is pop-up bars, these spontaneous productions are appearing all over Sydney and Melbourne and have been a huge success in keeping its locals entertained and providing something fresh and fascinating to the community.

As revealed by Allens lollies recent pop up candy store, these boutiques present businesses with the perfect opportunity to promote limited edition or uncommon stock in an exciting way and make these items even more appealing to the market.

So why should the big cities get all the fun?

Your Saturday night plans are now sorted!

Here at the C.ex Coffs we are having our own pop up beer garden on the gorgeous North Lawn!

With an outdoor bar and kitchen serving your favourite drinks, and some scrumptious dinner options, there’s no need to keep off the lawn here!

Sit back and enjoy our large picnic rugs, relax under the fairy lights and enjoy our live music and delicious gourmet food all prepared just for your entertainment on a beautiful summer evening.

A New Years Mexican Fiesta

Feliz Navidad!…Or Merry Christmas from Mexico!

Just like here in Australia, Christmas in Mexico is usually warm and mild, families excitedly go out and purchase gifts, they prepare a feast to share with their loved ones and decorate their homes for the festive season. But just as you would expect, every culture and every family has it’s own traditions and ways in which they celebrate.

Unlike the typical fairy lights from Kmart we see hanging up around our neighbourhood every year, the houses and streets of Mexico are illuminated with candles and handmade lanterns.

The celebration of las posadas (Christmas) is a nine day practice leading up to Christmas, beginning on the 16th December and finishing on Buena Noche (Christmas Eve). On the ninth day a procession is led by the children through the town and up to the church as a re-enactment of the journey to Bethlehem made by the holy family.


Here a nativity scene is played out, a feast is held and the children are entertained with piñatas before the town gathers for midnight mass. Small celebrations then continue through to February where they come to an end with a “Candlemas” service and traditional feast of tamales and cake.

While we might not have piñatas, copious amounts of candles, or biblical re-enactments, but here at the C.ex Coffs we are bringing in the Ano Nuevo (New Year) with our own version of a Mexican celebration by bringing back our Mexican fiesta and Ribs Buffet! Come and grab a Corona with Lime, and indulge yourself with some delicious nachos, tacos and burritos.

Forget the Piñata, jump in the photo booth and capture some hilarious moments with your loved ones! Throw on a sombrero and grab a photo between meals.

Don’t be a perzoso mexicano (or lazy Mexican), call us now for your post-Christmas celebrations before tables book out!


 So Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo from all of us here at the C.ex!

Christmas Made Easy at C.ex Group

It’s starting to look a whole lot like Christmas!

With the festive season creeping up on us we discover that there really are only two types of people in the world:

Are you a Grinch?


Or are you this guy  ?


  However you feel about Christmas, there’s no point denying that it’s time to start preparing!

There’s a reason it’s called the silly season! From the chaotic car park battles, and the screaming kids in the toy section, to the high credit card bills at the end of the month! So how do you make Christmas preparation easy?

C.ex Coffs has the perfect solution for you! Our December raffles are dedicated to making your Christmas easier! Our popular annual Ham Heaven begins this Thursday 24 November and continues every Thursday night until 22 December, win yourself a traditional Christmas ham, prawn tray or gift voucher without having to brave the shopping centres!

A simple $5 raffle ticket could complete your perfect Christmas dinner.


And let’s not forget about the kids, the summer holidays presents parents with several weeks of merry chaos.

And Christmas day is no exception!

They’ve spent the last two months making lists and pointing out what they want in the stores, and usually it’s the most expensive item on the shelf of course!

So what do you do?

C.ex Coffs’ GIANT TOY RAFFLE has you covered with that too!


Keep the kids entertained for the afternoon with free Santa photos and Christmas activities, and treat yourself to some lunch from our Brasserie or Cutlers Coffee shop all while you sit back and wait for your chance to win some great quality gifts for the kids in our Vista lounge!

Avoid the mayhem of the shopping centres and have your presents and Christmas dinner sorted easily and hassle free with us here at C.ex Coffs!

Stop! Its Buffet Time!

There’s something special about buffets! From the overwhelming excitement you feel when you spot the advertisement, to the satisfaction you feel from such a gluttonous affair.

So what kind of buffet goer are you??

The cautious picker: The one who takes their time, only eating a small selection at a time.

The ‘eyes bigger than my stomach’ guy: They stack their plate like the leaning tower of Pisa, but can never finish the meal!

The garbage guts: The person who even after eating their own weight in food, (and declaring “I’m so full!”) can still manage to take on that last plate of dessert.


The Homer Simpson: Will devour the entire buffet single handled if left to their own devices!


The term buffet originally referred to the sideboard where various types of food was served, but as time went on the use of the term evolved and became extremely popular for meals. The English speaking world gradually adapted the term to use for occasions of which a variety of foods and refreshments are laid out on tables of “buffets” from which guests serve themselves.

Today however, thanks to American influence on society, buffets are often automatically interpreted as “all you can eat”. Which is probably the cause for all those Homer Simpson’s out there!




The best way to enjoy a buffet dinner? With us of course!

Come and check out our range of buffets for October and November at C.ex Coffs or to reserve a table contact the club today on 6652 3888.


Fried and Prejudice

Last week we talked about delicious, tantalising, tender steak, well this week we are doing one better! We are putting that steak on …… A BURGER


Move over MickeyD’s, in a world full of hipsters, vegans, and paleo diets the burger game has changed! Now that it’s a sensation in the modern hospitality world, gone are the days of a simple meat patty and cheese slice inside a bread roll!

From basic takeaway shops to alternate underground themed restaurants, businesses are going to extreme lengths to create an item that appeals to those looking for something both basic and/or gourmet. And who can blame them, with people like the creators of “the burger adventure” exploring the world just to find ‘the best burger’, the competion is just as high as peoples expectations.

Clearly it’s something people are passionate about.

Here at the C.ex Coffs we can satisfy those burger cravings! With everything from chicken schnitzel burgers to mini sliders! We’ve even created a special marinated steak burger for dad, just for this weekend in The Brasserie (he gets a free beer too!).



What a better way to spend fathers day??

Make your booking today contact us on 66523 888

Steak, Mate!

The warm weather in finally starting to break through after what feels like a long icy winter! And with summer quickly approaching I’m sure many of you BBQ lovers are as excited as ever to break out those tongs, pull the BBQ out of retirement and throw on that novelty apron that the kids gave you last father’s day!

The rage of steak enthusiasts has exploded throughout the industry as more and more steak loving blokes invest their time into perfecting their cooking abilities through, classes, seminars and of course the ever educational program masterchef…..

As more attention is drawn to the beef industry the larger the debate grows:

Rare or well-done?

T-Bone or Sirloin?

In order to make your choice even more complicated Meat & Livestock Australia released this image of all the different cuts available!


Meat_Standards_Australia-778x615Still not sure??



For a tender, juicy, delicious hunk of meat without the task of cooking and cleaning bring dad out for a father’s day treat to Ribeye on Vernon. Where we can cook it to your liking!

Otherwise check out our other fantastic father’s days options currently on offer at all three of our clubs!

Fathers Day Coffs_ TV Slide_ 1025x768px Fathers Day Urunga_TV Slide_1025x768px Fathers Day Woopi_TV Slide


Distracting the Kids at Dinner

It’s Friday night and you’re invited out to dinner with your friends!


your baby sitter tells you she’s busy, the kids will have to come!

And already you can imagine the outcome…..



But fear not mum and dad, there are ways to keep the little monsters busy at the dinner table without giving them iPads or facing the agonizing task of washing mashed potato out of their hair!


The Restaurant Kit

A secret weapon used by brilliant parents to trick their children into giving them peace when out of the house!

Now if you have the time and want to get creative then a material activity book is perfect for you:


otherwise here’s what you need for your kit;

  • A bag or folder
  • pencils and crayons
  • A blank art book for drawing
  • some painted paddle pop sticks
  • stickers
  • a small picture book for reading (depending on age)
  • a small toy such as a doll or car

additional options:

  • a small canvas (can usually be found at any dollar store) painted with blackboard paint, and chalk
  • create An iSpy/ bingo game designed for them to play by spotting things in the restaurant eg. waiter serving food or somebody eating etc
  • colouring in images, find-a-words  and connect the dots templates can all be found online for free, simply print them off and add to your pack!


Don’t forget! KIDS EAT FREE this August in the C.ex Coffs Brasserie

Kids Eat Free_ FB Cover_ 851x315px

Check out our Little Diggers Kids club for any upcoming GLEE CLUB events