Ranch and Ribs Buffet

What better way to welcome in the new year than with a delicious buffet!

The Ranch and Ribs Buffet began in December and has been HUGE! But don’t be alarmed if you missed the New Years rush, there are still a few more days left for you to treat yourself with this gourmet assortment of meats.

Let out your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) with this generous feast of ribs, spicy chicken wings, beef wellington, seafood chowder onion rings and our famous Ribeye on Vernon Bacon Jam!

Oh! And don’t forget the accompaniment of desserts for those of you who have a sweet tooth.


Dig into the premium Black Angus Beef Ribs, and try out our Succulent Sticky Pork Ribs, along with a delightful quality salad selection.

And of course the bar is open and prepped with all your favourites, there’s beer on tap including the popular new mid strength selection, Iron Jack and a variety of bottled beers and spirits! Looking for something refreshing ladies? We are also offering PIMMS jars and Tequila Sunrise’s throughout the night.

Event Details

Ribs and Ranch Buffet

Dates: Wednesday January 3 – Saturday January 6 & Friday January 12 – Saturday January 13

Time: starting from 6pm

Location: C.ex Coffs, Level 1, The Blue Room


Bookings recommended. To reserve a table please call the club on 66523 888

Stop! Its Buffet Time!

There’s something special about buffets! From the overwhelming excitement you feel when you spot the advertisement, to the satisfaction you feel from such a gluttonous affair.

So what kind of buffet goer are you??

The cautious picker: The one who takes their time, only eating a small selection at a time.

The ‘eyes bigger than my stomach’ guy: They stack their plate like the leaning tower of Pisa, but can never finish the meal!

The garbage guts: The person who even after eating their own weight in food, (and declaring “I’m so full!”) can still manage to take on that last plate of dessert.


The Homer Simpson: Will devour the entire buffet single handled if left to their own devices!


The term buffet originally referred to the sideboard where various types of food was served, but as time went on the use of the term evolved and became extremely popular for meals. The English speaking world gradually adapted the term to use for occasions of which a variety of foods and refreshments are laid out on tables of “buffets” from which guests serve themselves.

Today however, thanks to American influence on society, buffets are often automatically interpreted as “all you can eat”. Which is probably the cause for all those Homer Simpson’s out there!




The best way to enjoy a buffet dinner? With us of course!

Come and check out our range of buffets for October and November at C.ex Coffs or to reserve a table contact the club today on 6652 3888.