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Let’s get techy with it!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like Christmas was just yesterday, and already we are halfway through the year! With 2017 suddenly disappearing it’s time to start planning all of those important or last minute functions! And don’t forget the Christmas party. But with the workload piling up and the tax man still […]

The ‘foodies’ Destination – Ribeye On Vernon

Self-titled ‘foodies’ have been popping up everywhere in today’s general public, sharing with us there knowledge and plastering images of their daily meals all over social media. So what is a foodie? For those of you who are not yet caught up with the lingo of today’s society, a foodie is someone who seeks new […]

C.ex Dragons

Paddles Up! Sunday’s weather provided the perfect setting for the Titivators annual Dragon Boat Regatta, with so many teams from communities throughout the region travelling to the area to compete, the atmosphere on the Kalang River was simply electric. Every year Urunga hosts this exciting event, which draws teams from all over the coast to […]

Summer Sessions at C.ex Coffs

Aussies love nothing more in summer than an ice cold beer outside with the BBQ cooking! But in recent years, it appears the good ol’ shrimp on the Barbie simply just doesn’t cut it anymore. BBQs are going gourmet! Everything from smoking, sautéing, glazing, marinating and lollipop chickens to briskets and quinoa salads. Our favourite […]

A New Years Mexican Fiesta

Feliz Navidad!…Or Merry Christmas from Mexico! Just like here in Australia, Christmas in Mexico is usually warm and mild, families excitedly go out and purchase gifts, they prepare a feast to share with their loved ones and decorate their homes for the festive season. But just as you would expect, every culture and every family […]

Christmas Made Easy at C.ex Group

It’s starting to look a whole lot like Christmas! With the festive season creeping up on us we discover that there really are only two types of people in the world: Are you a Grinch? Or are you this guy  ?      However you feel about Christmas, there’s no point denying that it’s time […]

Stop! Its Buffet Time!

There’s something special about buffets! From the overwhelming excitement you feel when you spot the advertisement, to the satisfaction you feel from such a gluttonous affair. So what kind of buffet goer are you?? The cautious picker: The one who takes their time, only eating a small selection at a time. The ‘eyes bigger than […]

Fried and Prejudice

Last week we talked about delicious, tantalising, tender steak, well this week we are doing one better! We are putting that steak on …… A BURGER Move over MickeyD’s, in a world full of hipsters, vegans, and paleo diets the burger game has changed! Now that it’s a sensation in the modern hospitality world, gone […]

Steak, Mate!

The warm weather in finally starting to break through after what feels like a long icy winter! And with summer quickly approaching I’m sure many of you BBQ lovers are as excited as ever to break out those tongs, pull the BBQ out of retirement and throw on that novelty apron that the kids gave […]

Distracting the Kids at Dinner

It’s Friday night and you’re invited out to dinner with your friends! BUT your baby sitter tells you she’s busy, the kids will have to come! And already you can imagine the outcome…..   But fear not mum and dad, there are ways to keep the little monsters busy at the dinner table without giving […]