Do you want more than a job?

Are you seeking an employer that will make sure your skills and abilities are uncovered, developed and utilised?

Significant Career Development Opportunities

Our goal at the C.ex Group is to provide you with the appropriate opportunities and challenges at each stage of your development. We recognise how important continual growth is to our employees and seek to ensure your career remains fulfilling. You can choose from a wide range of challenges in a broad array of functions.

Our Commitment

We actively develop your career by:

  • Assisting you to develop a Personal Training & Growth Plan
  • Ensuring you have a clear understanding of your role and the performance expectations
  • Providing feedback and recognition through regular performance and development discussions

The C.ex Group is committed to creating a ‘Workplace of Excellence’ which attracts, retains and rewards motivated, skilled and talented people.

The Benefits at C.ex Group

  • Career progression and multi-skilling
  • Ongoing professional development training
  • Above award pay rates
  • A day off on your birthday
  • Healthy lifestyle payment – employees under the employee agreement receive a bonus payment to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Flexible work arrangements

Training & Education

  • C.ex Group provides employees with quality opportunities to address individual career aspirations and development needs.
  • C.ex Group may provide reimbursement for tuition and other course fees if employees undertake studies to enhance their careers.
  • We offer a range of in house training programmes.

Equal Employment Opportunity & OHS

The C.ex Group is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all employees as well as a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace.

We seek to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring all employees enjoy Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • A harassment free working environment
  • Ensuring our employment processes are transparent and that unlawful discrimination does not take place when making recruitment and promotion decisions.

Our workforce is made up of varied races, ages, religions, cultures, abilities and disabilities. The workforce comes from different backgrounds, experiences and personal circumstances and has diverse and unique needs including the simple human need to balance work and personal life. At the C.ex Group we recognise and value employee diversity. Employee engagement and an inclusive culture are intrinsic in our values and guiding principles.

We are also committed to building and maintaining a common identity where employees are part of one team working together to achieve common goals.

At the C.ex group, we frequently review our policies, practices and programs to ensure that we continue to develop as an Employer of Choice through having a balanced workforce by providing work/life balance opportunities.

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